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Acodev – Organization of training courses on the management of development cooperation projects

The overall objective of this framework contract in terms of training is to strengthen the skills in identifying, monitoring and evaluating projects of organizations in the development cooperation sector in Belgium. It also presents three specific objectives: Promote understanding of fundamental concepts of project cycle management; Promote the mastery of methodological tools in a “results-based management” type approach; Strengthen the capacity of organizations to make links between project cycle management, results-based management and theory of change (ToC). February 2021 to February 2024

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Fiabel, Acodev & NGO Federatie – Training on final external evaluations of a 5-year program for Belgian CSOs and IAs

This training aims to strengthen the skills in managing independent evaluation processes of Belgian CSOs and IAs. It presents the following objectives for the participants: Master the drafting of TOR of quality evaluations and in accordance with the regulations in force; Master the stages of launching an evaluation offer and the objective selection of an independent and external evaluator; Master the methods of monitoring an evaluation conducted by an external evaluator; Know the methods to develop a managerial response and its effective follow-up after an…

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Agence française de développement (AFD) – Facilitation of a workshop to co-construct the ToRs of the Technical Assistance system and support for the launch of the procedure – Project to improve the use of maternal and neonatal health care and its quality – Mauritania

The objective of this service is to facilitate a workshop for the co-construction of a technical assistance system. The mission is part of the capacity building of Mauritanian health actors. The two main issues are: Achieve a shared understanding and a common reading of the intervention logic updated by all stakeholders and clearly define the responsibilities, roles and tasks of each actor involved in the project, as well as the mode of communication and information circuits to be adopted; Co-construct, in a participatory manner, the…

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