“Faune éthique” : the first COTA’s board game is coming soon !

Questioning the legitimacy of NGOs by putting themselves in the shoes of savanna animals, is it possible? Apparently yes !

On January 18th, Manuel Jaskowiak, designer of the game “Faune éthique”, animated it at COTA, with our staff and the organizations Louvain Cooperation and Entraide et Fraternité. This game is the pedagogical translation of the study “Towards a re-appropriation of the concept of legitimacy in the framework of development cooperation and international solidarity”, produced by COTA in 2016 and broadcast in early 2017. It will be animated within the NGOs, to initiate in a playful way an internal collective reflection on legitimacy not only as a concept, but also as a stragegical item.

The concept of this game is simple : the actors of the cooperation and development field are represented by animals with well-identified characteristics. Urgency and development issues occur, and animals have to solve them by collecting resources, allying themselves with others, opposing others and constructing their own speech. External events influence the course of the game. Once the game is over, a debriefing helps refocus the debates on issues related to the legitimacy of the organization concerned.

After a phase of testing and finalization, “Faune éthique” will be available for the spring. Contact us for more information !