COTA joins Be-cause Health and continues to reflect on complexity

The annual AGM of Be-cause health, a network of actors mobilized on international public health issues, was held on Thursday, March 16th.

On this occasion, we officially became a member of the platform; Although COTA is not specialized in the field of health, Be-cause health members felt that our methodological contribution was important in the context of multidisciplinary exchanges.

This membership is the logical continuation of a process of convergence between the COTA and the platform, which began with the co-organization in 2015 (with BTC, Acodev and NGO federatie) of a day of exchanges and debates on the notion of “change and complexity”.

A working group on “complexity” and its consideration in the actions implemented by the members of the platform was then created; It is chaired by Franck Signoret, Coordinator of activities at COTA.