COTA supports Abbé Pierre Foundation and Enda – Indian Ocean on a deserving housing right project

This project cofinanced by the Abbé Pierre Foundation, with the support of the French Agency of Development, is developed in Antananarivo and consists of three independent axes :

The first one aims at improving the living conditions of the populations made casual by the bottom of the city, by constructing houses or implementing small repairs. For that purpose, families have to save or contract a micro-credit. They are also accompanied in the regularization of their administrative situations and the basic regularization of the grounds they live on.

The second axis is articulated around a research-action process and around the experiment of construction techniques, by strengthening the workers’ technical skills, but also the development and the promotion of their service.

Finally, the project includes advocacy, with the national and local public authorities, and a shutter of capacities strengthening for the direct beneficiaries of the action, so that they can become a collective strength claiming the right to a deserving housing.

Thus the project combines usefully a services delivery approach (reconstructions of houses) and a  (straight ahead in the accommodation). The right based approach is essential, because it has to guarantee the sustainability of the project in other disadvantaged territories of the Malagasy capital.

Cota accompany  Enda  – Indian Ocean in :

Favoring the appropriation of the project contents by the various partners. For the implementation of the project, the Abbé Pierre foundation and Enda – Indian Ocean lean on a network of competent Malagasy organizations ;

Develop a strategic programming of the project activities. This exercise is essential because it lifts questionings on the adequate modus operandi for every activity. He also allows to identify well and to anticipate the various administrative and financial constraints, and to appreciate the workload of each of the members of the team, to maintain realistic ambitions ;

Developing a monitoring and evaluation device for the project. This device is constituted from two parts : the first one is directed to the measurement of performance, including indicators about the final results as indicators about intermediate progress. The second is directed to the appreciation of the changes to which the project contributes.