Enabel – General agreement / Mid-term and final evaluations of interventions

This general agreement is concluded for a period of 4 years. The objective of this contract (part 2) is to conduct mid-term and final external reviews / evaluations of the interventions implemented by Enabel and its partners. It covers projects and programs of institutional and operational support in different sectors (education, health, governance, decentralization, migration) and also includes crosscutting themes (gender, human rights, AIDS, environment, capacity building).

These evaluations report to donors, partners and stakeholders on the performance of interventions and the use of public funds to achieve development results. At the same time, the evaluations can draw lessons from the interventions implemented to develop a “knowledge capital” on development processes in general.

List of evaluations carried out by Cota under this contract:


  • Joint final evaluation of the “universal health insurance policy support program in Peru through SIS” (SISTEC);
  • Joint final evaluation of the program “institutional support to the private nonprofit health sector to promote universal coverage of health insurance in Uganda” (PNFP) & the project “institutional capacity building in health care” planning, leadership and management in the Ugandan public health sector (HPLM2);
  • Joint evaluation of the “supporting the implementation of the Uganda training strategy” project (SSU BE) & “supporting the implementation of training strategy in the Karamoja region” (SSU IRE) program in Uganda;
  • Final evaluation of “capacity building through fellowships project” studys and expertise in Guinea (RCBEE).


  • Final evaluation of the “support program for capacity building in Vietnam”(FCB);
  • Joint mid-term evaluation of the support program “responsive local governance in Vietnam, Nghe An, Kon Tum and Ha-Tinh provinces”(RALG);
  • Mid-term evaluation of the training program “improving teacher training in national institutions in Uganda “(TTE);
  • Joint final evaluation of the “support program for expertise, study and technical assistance to the water and environment sector” (PAERE) and the project “capacity building of the sector of water and environment” in Bolivia (FC);
  • Final evaluation of the project “building academic partnerships for economic development” (BAPED) in South Africa;
  • Final evaluation of the “Tirelo project Bolsha (capacity building of public services for better local governance) in South Africa;
  • Final evaluation of the “institutional strengthening and capacity building program of the electricity unit” in Rwanda;
  • Final evaluation of “institutional and operational support program for 3 watershed agencies “in Morocco ;
  • Final evaluation of the “Support Program for Girls’ Schooling in the Dosso Region” in Niger ;
  • Final Evaluation of the “Support Program for Local Governance Units for the Regeneration of Historic Centers” in the Palestinian Territories ;
  • Final evaluation of the “Support Project for Beninese Organizations by Strengthening Human Resources Competencies” (PAORC) in Benin ;
  • Final evaluation of the “Support Project for the National Health Information System” (PAISS, SNIS component) in Burundi ;
  • Final evaluation of the Human Resources Development Support Program of Beneficiary Organizations (SDHR) in Uganda ;
  • Final Evaluation of the “Support Project to Strengthen Internal Security in Burkina Faso” – 2nd Phase (PARSIB) ;
  • Mid-term evaluation of the “Health Sector Support Program” (PASS) in Niger ;
  • Mid-term evaluation of the “Capacity Building Project” (IRC) in Niger ;
  • Final evaluation of the intervention “Rwanda Decentralization Support Program (RDSP): Enhancing the capacities of Disctricts (ECD) & Financial support to the district development plans (DDP)”


  • Mid-term review of the intervention “Strengthening the capacities of institutions and actors of civil society in the Koulikoro region and at the central level (IRC)” in Mali
  • Mid-term review of the intervention “Maghrib Belgium Impulse (MBI): Support for the implementation of the national strategy in favor of Moroccans residing in Belgium”
  • Mid-term review of the intervention “Amuddu – Support for the implementation of the National Immigration Strategy (SNIA)” in Morocco
  • Final review of the Ubuzyma Burambye (Long Healthy Life) intervention in Rwanda


  • Final review of the intervention: “Pilot project responding to labor shortages through innovative mobility models” (PALIM) – Morocco