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Fondation Abbé Pierre/F3E – Support to the planification and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system for the project « Un logement digne pour tous »

The objective is to facilitate the elaboration of the planification of the project « Un logement digne pour tous » and to support the conception of a monitoring and evaluation system oriented « results and performance », but also oriented « learning ». February to June 2017

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Inter-Réseaux développement rural – Accompanying the definition and the operationalization of a new strategy

Provide external support to initiate and make operational changes underway, particularly on three dimensions : Governance: to make greater participation of African actors and renewal of effective policy guidance; Definitions of joint missions and regional centers, particularly Europe division, in a context of regionalization already at work in West African members; Proposal of an economic model to develop own resources without questioning the missions of general interest and without competing with members. This is to produce concrete proposals in their terms and their temporality inscribed…

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Near East Foundation – Mid-term review of the project “Décentralisation des Fonds Climat”

Gather information on program progresses and lessons learned in the mid-term project Support the assessment team and faciilitate the implementation of the magazine while strengthening the external perspective on the performance and needs in improvement of the DCF project Redirect some interventions to improve their implementation and address some identified bottlenecks. Contribute, through recommendations, in [...]

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